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Inner liner for car seat

Inner liner for car seat

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Baby car seat covers keep your car seat clean and tidy.

✔️Easy installation (only 1-2 minutes)

✔️ You should NOT remove belts 😍 (it's the best part)
✔️Use belts at any height without problems

✔️Does not interfere with the original car seat design
✔️Does not replace any original part
✔️Keeps the car seat clean and free of crumbs, spills etc.
✔️100% cotton, remove and wash without problems
✔️Pillows available in combination
✔️Customizable article, order it in 1 or 2 shades / with name or messages
✔️Expands up to 36" long ↕️ / up to 28" wide ↔️

A product that solves a common problem parents have: sticky, messy and dirty car seats

Made of high quality super soft fabric, it can be used repeatedly to provide the best protection for your car seat. Prevent dirt and wear and keep your child's car seat looking like new. Installation and removal only takes a few seconds . When it gets dirty, simply remove it and throw it in the washing machine.

Available in a variety of fabrics for girls and boys

✔️Compatible with most car seats on the market

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