Regalos bordados para bebés

Embroidered gifts for babies

As soon as we find out about the arrival of a baby, we quickly begin to plan, the decoration of the room, what tones, will it be a girl? Will it be a boy? The cloths, with embroidery? Or just by name? And if we better add a message: "Titi's baby" "Grandma's baby" "Grandma loves you" anyway... at Krysdesign we love to please you! Create that perfect gift that is undoubtedly accompanied by illusion, affection and will be preserved as a beautiful memory. Giving an embroidered piece is a symbol of elegance, it is a well cared for gift that can be for a lifetime, receiving a personalized gift makes us feel special, knowing that it was created exclusively for the occasion, IT IS UNIQUE! IT IS ORIGINAL!

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